The Lumapod Tripod is the tripod we’ve all been waiting for. Have you ever been in a situation where you need a tripod but your backpack is too small to hold one, or you’ve had to physically hold it throughout your whole day just to bring it with you to get that one shot? Same here.

But that’s all about to end and we can confidently say that this is one of the most innovative tripods we’ve ever seen. And trust us, we’ve gone through plenty! The Lumapod Tripod was launched on kickstarter a few months ago, and it uses light materials and rope technology to allow portability and selfie’ability… that’s not a word, but now it is… on the go.Lumapod Tripod 2It’s a travellers dream, that can fold down into a single tube, it makes you look like some old school Jedi when you pull it into selfie mode, so this immediately adds “cool” points in our honest opinion. It’s taking the title as the world’s fastest tripod taking only four seconds to set up, which is a bit odd as the Gorilla Pod literally requires none, but hey, we’ll let Lumpapod take this one.

Its main selling point is that it can fold down into the size of a water bottle, and then transform into a full scaled tripod that can hold most DSLRs coming in at 5ft tall. If you don’t want the Lumapod Tripod in full scale mode, you can simply twist the head and transform it into selfie mode, this will fold down the legs, and convert it into a lightsaber… I mean handle!Lumapod-Tripod-3It comes in two different versions, there’s the GO85 which comes in at just 400g, this can extend up to 85cm and hold cameras that weigh up to 1.0kg. So this is perfect for smartphones, or small compact cameras like the GoPro 7 or a Sony RX100. Then if you’re like us and need something that can hold a DSLR then you’ll need the Go 120, this can hold cameras that weighs up to 2KG, extends to 120 cm and only weighs 700g itself.


Overall this is one serious piece of kit that we can’t wait to get our hands on. It’s available to the public in a few months, but by backing one early you can grab yourself a mean discount and be one of the first to get one. This is without doubt the future of tripods and it’s the only one you’ll ever need on your next camping trip away. And it’s perfect for a digital nomad and content creators who film on the go.